Rahul T. Daharwal

Domus Architecture gives u House design in Min. Space with better...

 Architecture / House Design /  Nagpur

Rahul T. Daharwal

we offering interior services & turnkey projects at reasonable cost.

 Interior Designer /  Nagpur

Rahul T. Daharwal

Domus architecture believe in client satisfaction & Domus architecture has completed...

 Construction/Civil Work/Building Maker /  Nagpur

Construction service:
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Architecture service:
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Borewell contractor service:
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Plumber service:
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Electrician service:
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Carpenter service:
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House painter service:
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Glass work service:
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Fabrication work service:
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POP work service:
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Tiles Work service:
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About Us

AXO-G House Maker Provided by Civil Construction, Architecture/ House Design, Borewell, Rain Water Harvesting, Plumber, Electrician/ Electrical Work, Carpenter/ Furniture, House Painter, Glass Work, (Windows, Doors) Febrication Work,(Gate/ Greel) POP/ Gypsum Work, Modular Kitchen, Interiol designer, CCTV Camera, Solar System Installation, AC Repair, Refrigerator Repair, Water Proofing, Tiles Work, Granite Work Water Tank Cleaning Service, Home Cleaning Services, Pest Control Service, Wastu Puja, Any Repair Service, Wallpaper design and work, Garden Development – (Land Scape & Horticulture), Swimming Pool Construction Work, Roofing Shed Work Service, Plot & Land Measurements Service Etc.
Do you also want to build a house or do you need any maintenance service inside the house in less money and less time? AXO-G will help you to find a good contractor. Whether you have any house related work, small or big, we will provide you.

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Address:Tawakkal Layout, Behind Sheela Complex, Amravati Road, Wadi, Nagpur-440023


Email: info.axog@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +91 9325544274

Helpline No.: +91 7499595819

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