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PumpAlarm.com pioneers user-friendly solutions with cutting-edge cellular technology. Our premier product, the Cellular Water Alarm http://homeandstuff.net/why-every-home-needs-a-sump-pump-alarm/, shields against costly basement floods by delivering prompt text alerts. Installation is a breeze, requiring no technical expertise. Our vision is global integration of smart technology, prioritizing exceptional support and accessible products. Unlike traditional alarms, ours eliminates the need for a phone line or WiFi, relying on Verizon’s robust cellular network for reliable communication. Activation is a simple process at PumpAlarm.com/activate. Enjoy peace of mind with proactive water and power outage alerts on up to three phones. Count on PumpAlarm.com for simplicity and protection. For more details about our products, visit our site at https://www.pumpalarm.com/shop/s-pba-cellular-sump-pump-alarm-29 & https://www.pumpalarm.com/shop/u-txtlt-120vac-textlight-120v-22.

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